RISK Assessment

The Huron County Risk Assessment is a detailed study of the hazards most likely to impact Huron County. Hazards are examined and ranked in order to provide a basis for funding, planning, training, and exercise priorities.

Twenty threats and hazards – dangerous events such as winter storms, floods and terrorist attacks – were analyzed and ranked by subject matter experts according to the potential risk they pose. The assessment of the community’s threats, hazards, and risks provides the basis for planning and implementing measures to reduce the negative consequences of a disaster by strengthening the community’s prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery capabilities.

The purpose of the Huron County Risk Assessment is to enhance the County’s decision-making process in regards to homeland security and emergency management by providing risk-based information that can be applied to decisions regarding planning, training, exercises, and funding.

Below are the 11 hazards listed in order; the lower the numerical ranking, the higher the hazard’s likelihood and potential consequences in Huron County:

  1. Dam Failure
  2. Drought/Extreme Heat
  3. Earthquake
  4. Flooding
  5. Hazardous Materials Incidents
  6. Invasive Species
  7. Severe Thunderstorm
  8. Tornado
  9. Water Quality Emergency
  10. Windstorm
  11. Winter Storm

Huron County EMA