Huron County Outdoor Warning System and the Emergency Operations Center

Huron County Outdoor Warning System

Huron County has several outdoor warning sirens located throughout the county. The primary function of the siren system is to warn residents who are outside to seek shelter immediately and monitor local media, social media and/or a NOAA weather radio for more information. Please remember that outdoor warning sirens are designed to be heard outside. They are not meant to be heard indoors. To ensure functionality, the siren network is tested the first Wednesday of every month at noon.

We strongly urge all residents to sign up for text or voice notifications through the county’s alert system. Please sign up at

Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Huron County is located at our office. It is a central point of coordination that can be used when requested by any incident commander. Resources, incident information and cost documentation can be requested, logged and tracked on the incident commander’s behalf. More commonly, the EOC is used when a countywide event may force a unified command to organize several incident sites throughout the county. That is when resources become stretched and additional resources must be requested from neighboring counties as well as state and federal agencies we partner with. The EOC also has a full radio room to complement the communications at the incident sites and also neighboring EOCs and Ohio EMA.

Huron County EMA